Citrus Body Whip

Fresh and vibrant, our citrus whip is as uplifting as it is moisturizing. Scented with orange, lime and grapefruit essential oils, this joyful blend of aromas is perfect for summer, or for keeping that sunny feeling around all year long. 

This luxurious combination of oils and butters are whipped up to a beautiful light and airy consistency. This body whip will feel light going on and will absorb the quickest right after a shower. Store out of direct sunlight. If oils melt in the jar, they can still be used as is, or simply re-whip them at home like whipped cream.




Please Note: Extra special care needs to be taken when shipping Body Whips in the warmer months (June to mid-September). To ensure your order arrives in tip-top form, special shipping guidelines apply to maintain the integrity of our Body Whips.


If the weather in Orangeville, Ontario (this is the origin location for your order) and/or the weather at destination is within a range that poses a melting risk, we will not ship your order until the weather cools down and remains cool to maintain the integrity of your products.  Our shipping department will do their very best to ensure you receive you order fast and in perfect condition.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and understand that this is a popular product. 



Citrus Body Whip