Facial Care Kit

Looking to switch to an all natural skin care routine? Or perhaps you have someone you're buying for someone who also appreciates using products that are down to earth! Either way, this facial care set is a treat for the skin, and has everything you need to cleanse, hydrate and nourish your face. 

Our Facial Care Set includes :

  • 1 Facial soap bar
  • 1 Natural Clay Face Mask
  • 1 Natural toner
  • 1 Facial Oil 


Sold in Cotton Muslin bag with a tag that reads Bridlewood on one side, and the bag's contents on the other. Please see individual items for a list of ingredients.


Daily Routine:

1. Wash away the day with your gentle facial soap bar

2. Use your toner to hydrate and balance your skin's PH

3. Once your toner is dry, apply your face oil to moisturize your skin.


Bi-Weekly Routine:

1. Wash away the day with your gentle facial soap bar

2. Apply your clay face mask using the liquid of your choice

3. Remove the mask once it is ALMOST dry

4. Use your toner to hydrate a