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and a nvidia geforce gtx 460 jpds: That's about what I thought, we would be several days behind? stefano, i've had to reboot once and all my configs cleared out I have this problem: Ubuntu 10.10 yes, i mean the source files stefano, just pop in a usb or whatever and you'll be right as rain everything else I changed with the.config file colton, nice it works now thanks :) is there a way to use only the same files on the "source" and on the "target"? Hi all. Just upgraded from 9.04 to 10.04 and now have no sound. Using Kubuntu Lucid. Using the RealTek ALC898 HD Audio. Any ideas? stefano, always a pleasure to help How do I start a kde session as a different user than the one that I am logged in with? I need to run some commands as a different user. My sound is detected, but no devices are showing up in Pulseaudio device manager. hi there for the moment i've got a part of my network in the internet, i'd like to share the other part without buying new cables, could you help me please? I am trying to edit a file as a user using kdesudo and not being able to. i'm totally lost, sorry i've never worked this way before how do i get the default group of a user? i thought i could use getent but that's not working..




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Darkstorm Viewer chaweb

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