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From Our Shower To Yours

Jennifer Hibberd Photography

We all know wedding season runs all year round. And who doesn’t love wedding season?! With wedding season comes engagement parties, stag and does, bachelorette parties, and bridal showers. With that, comes all the planning in between. At Bridlewood we love to play a special part in events of all kinds! From weddings, to bridal showers, to baby showers, our customized party favours are always a hit. Our party favours include half or full bars of your choice of soaps as well as half or full bags of your choice of bath salts! With our wide variety of soaps and bath salts, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for to fit your event’s vision. We create customized labels to meet the needs & wants for your momentous day.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of being a part of a beautiful bridal shower! The bride to be’s maid of honour reached out expressing interest in having us create party favours as a part of the event. The theme of the party was “pink & white” girly, yet sophisticated.

One of our top selling soaps ‘Pink Salt Bar’ was an obvious choice for the bridal shower - but we didn’t stop there! To make the party favours extra special for the shower we made customized half bags of our ‘Pink Bath Salts.’ Each guest brought home a half Pink Salt Bar and a half bag of Pink Bath Salts. The soaps and bath salts’ labels were customized with an elegant cursive font to meet the theme of the shower. After a busy day like a bridal shower, unwinding is essential and our favours were perfect to take home to do just that!

As many of us know, bridal showers are especially memorable. Whether the bride’s wedding is in a few days or months the bridal shower marks a significant milestone in their life. It’s exciting and an honour for us to be a part of such a prominent day in someone’s life!

Here’s more photos from an exquisite bridal shower we customized party favours for this year:

(Photos by: Elegant Wedding)

We would love to create customized party favours for your next big event! Contact us at:

“Beautifully Natural”


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