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Get In The Festive Spirit With Bridlewood Soaps!

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, it’s a sign that festive season is quickly approaching. It’s the season we all love and wait for all year round. Most importantly, it’s the time to make our lists and check them twice! Bridlewood Soaps is making your Christmas shopping easy and all natural with the return of our Christmas themed gift boxes and seasonal products! Give your family and friends the gift of all natural skin bath and body products and set them on a healthy and eco friendly path for the new year. A little wellness goes a very long way!

Our Christmas gift set this year includes: 1 Bath Salt, 4 Top Selling Soaps, 1 Face Mask, 1 Body Whip, and 1 Face Oil, all of your choice! The gift set comes in a branded Bridlewood Soaps box that is beautifully gift wrapped - no need for extra wrapping!

Our Christmas festivities don’t stop there! This year we’ve created two seasonal soaps and a seasonal room spray! The two seasonal soaps we’ve created are “Into The Woods” and “Cranberry Orange”.

Our ‘Into The Woods’ Room Spray and Soap smells like a combination of a Christmas tree you just brought home as well as taking a shower in the wilderness!

Does it get better than that? Yes! Into The Woods Room Spray and Soap get's it’s Christmas tree scent using Fir, Cedarwood, Pine and Spruce Essential Oils. Our soap is infused with balsam fir, cedarwood and black spruce essential oils. These are the perfect gifts to share with your loved ones this holiday season.

Our Cranberry Orange Soap will bring you back to the special memories of arriving to your family’s house for Christmas dinner while the kitchen’s aromas waft through the house! Fruity delicious smelling cranberry will make this one of your favourite Bridlewood Soaps! Made with fruity essential oils, you won’t only be nostalgic for Christmas dinners, but your skin will be cleaned and refreshed!

We can’t forget about the naughty ones on your Christmas list! Our Lump of Coal Stocking Stuffer’s are filled with Anise and Orange Soap (with an Orange Liquorice Scent) and Balsim Fir Soap (Christmas Tree Scent). They come packed in a cotton muslim bag stamped “COAL” with tag! They smell so good we think naughty or nice, they’ll be loved!

For more Bridlewood gift ideas such as our 6 and 12 Soap Gift Box sets and our For Your Man gift set, visit:

We’re happy to celebrate this Christmas season with you!

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