The Benefits of All Natural Face Oils

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

You may have it heard before, but we’ll tell you again: “Your skin is your body’s biggest and fastest growing organ.” Everything that we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Your skin’s main purpose is to protect you, which means it is our job to protect it!

The thickness of your skin on your face in comparison to the skin on your body is significant. The skin on your face is thin which also means it’s susceptible to all sorts of irritations including dry skin, rashes, acne, wrinkles, etc. It’s important that we take care of all our skin, but our faces need that extra nurturing love and attention on a daily basis to have it feeling and looking its best!

We all know the routine - wash your face and apply a moisturizer. These are great habits to have, however what if we could dig deeper and look into how we could truly make a big change in our skin while benefiting the inside of our bodies long term? The incredible health and skin benefits of all natural face oils are endless and are the key to hydrated and radiant skin. The difference between your everyday cream and and an all natural face oil is that creams sit on top of your skin, while an oil is absorbed right into your skin, giving you all the long term benefits you’ve been searching for! As many big skin care companies are coming out with new lines of oils, it’s important to decipher the difference between unnatural and all natural face oils. All natural is not only better for the environment, but they are not diluted with unnatural ingredients giving you less benefits from the powerful natural ingredients your skin wants and needs. Face oils have been used all around the world by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. What skin care fad has lasted that long?

Three frequently discussed skin concerns today are; dryness, acne and wrinkles. Using all natural face oils can do wonders for all three of these skin concerns. Yes - even acne!

How Do All Natural Face Oils Prevent and Improve Acne?

You’ve probably heard the misconception that oils for acne-prone skin is a huge no no. However, what many people don’t know, is that when we use excessive drying cleansers and creams - we’re only improving blemishes short term (if even that). When we wash our face, we’re stripping our skin of oil and pH levels making our oil to water ratio way off balance, which then actually causes breakouts to happen. Crazy right? But when we use a face oil after showering or cleansing, we restore and rebalance the skin’s pH levels and heal any existing irritations. Breakouts can happen when we have an excess of sebum production (overly oily skin), but they also happen when we have a lack of oil production. All natural face oils help in balancing your sebum levels and preventing future breakouts to happen. Read on to see which of our all natural face oils can help in improving your acne!