Orange Patchouli Body Whip

For the flower child in all of us, our Orange Patchouli Whip is a harmonious blend of joyful orange, and grouding patchouli. Chances are, if you're already a fan of our Orange Patchouli soap, this whip may be your new favourite moisturizer. 

This luxurious combination of oils and butters have been whipped up to a beautiful light and airy consistency. This body whip will feel light going on and will absorb the quickest right after a shower. Store out of direct sunlight. If oils melt in the jar, they can still be used as is, or simply re-whip them at home like whipped cream.


Please note: Shipping Body whips in the summer months can be tricky. We have purchased re-usable cold packs to include in shipments that contain body whip, but we still can not guarantee that it will arrive solid. Another thing we may do to help prevent it from melting is to hold off shipping it during a 'heat wave'.


If the whip does melt, you can pour the contents into a mixing bowl, refrigerate until cool, and then use a hand mixer to "whip" it back up. We apologize for the inconvenience, and understand that this is a favourite this time of year.


Orange Patchouli Body Whip